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Trash 2 Cash

Trash 2 Cash

Items To Collect At Home

Everyday ways YOU can help Padan ~ and not spend any extra money!!! Everyone can help Padan raise funds- Its easy with our Trash 2 Cash Programs! Collect and send in the following items --it doesn't cost you a thing.

Boxtops for Education

boxtops logo

This is HOW IT WORKS! Our school will receive 10 cents for every qualifying General Mills cereal box top, Yoplait Yogurt and Betty Crocker fruit snacks. A qualifying box top is labeled with the General Mills Box Top for Education symbol. Double check this full list of Participating Brands. Collection boxes are in each classroom. Sign up to get the Boxtops monthly newsletter we get extra credits! This is more cash for our school, so please, sign up today! Looking for more ways to earn with box tops??!! Here is a list of ways!

My Coke Rewards for School

My Coke Rewards For School

My Coke Rewards for Schools is a way for parents, friends, and others in the community to support Padan School by donating My Coke Rewards points which can be earned from hundreds of participating Coca-Cola products. Padan can turn donated points into a variety of rewards that support students. Together, we can help schools get the equipment, supplies, and books they need even faster.


Campbell's Product Lables

Lables for education

This is an easy program. Just save UPCs from any eligible Campbell's products and send them to school. Here is a full list of all Eligible Products. Please make sure that the labels have the student's and teacher's name. Collection boxes are in each classroom.

Tyson A+ Labels

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Visit Tyson's website for information. So easy! Just clip the A+ 1-2-3 label side of the box or bag send it in to school with your child. We redeem them and get 24 cents for each eligible label!!!

Cartridges for Kids


inkUsed Ink cartridges, Old Cellular phones, PDAs, Laptops, DVDs, Video Games Game Consoles. Check their website.

Just by collecting and turning in these items, YOU help us raise funds- every little bit adds up!!! And if everyone participates- those little bits become a whole-lot! Please collect send in each week- ask friends, family, neighbors co-workers to help too!



Booster Board

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Sharon Solis

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