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“It is the mission of Padan Elementary to ensure academic and personal success for all students through rigor, high expectations, and perseverance.”

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Hello VUSD Families,

As you probably remember, VUSD has been evaluating our school start times with the intent to create optimal learning environments for our students. Significant research shows that the circadian rhythm (or sleep cycle) for humans changes during the adolescent years. While young children typically are naturally wide awake early in the morning, teens biologically struggle with waking early, regardless of the time they go to sleep. Research shows that aligning school start times to better fit students' biological rhythms results in improved student performance and success.

VUSD has been evaluating school start times for over two years. This evaluation included: 

  • reviewing extensive research
  • recommendations from health organizations like the National Sleep Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control, and the American Academy of Pediatrics 
  • school district transportation 
  • cost analysis
  • feedback from principals
  • polls for students, parents and teachers

The VUSD Board of Trustees have taken all of these into careful consideration and have voted to adjust school start times for the 2018-19 school year. In the year to come, we will work with VUSD staff, City Coach, athletics, Vacaville Police and Fire and other community organizations in preparation of these new times. We understand that this positive change for student learning requires some adjustments for our families and community partners. We appreciate your willingness to work with us in fitting our educational system to meet students' needs.

More information about school schedules for 2018-19, research, articles, legislation, health tips and news on later school start time can been found here.


Hola VUSD Familias,

 Tal vez recordará que nuestro distrito ha estado evaluando los horarios de inicio de nuestras clases con la intención de crear ambientes de aprendizaje óptimos para nuestros estudiantes. Ha bastante investigación que muestra que el ritmo circadiano (o ciclo del sueño) para los seres humanos cambia durante los años de la adolescencia. Mientras que los niños pequeños suelen estar naturalmente despiertos temprano en la mañana, los adolescentes biológicamente luchan con despertar temprano, independientemente de la hora que se van a dormir. Las investigaciones demuestran que la alineación de las horas de inicio de la escuela para adaptarse mejor a los ritmos biológicos de los estudiantes mejora el éxito de los estudiantes.

El Distrito Escorar de Vacaville (VUSD) ha estado evaluando las horas de inicio de clases por más de dos años. Esta evaluación incluyó:

• revisar extensas investigaciones

• las recomendaciones de organizaciones de salud como la National Sleep Foundation, los Institutos Nacionales de Salud, los Centros para el Control de Enfermedades y la Academia Americana de Pediatría

• transporte del distrito escolar

• análisis del costo

• comentarios de los directores

• encuestas para estudiantes, padres y maestros

La Mesa Directiva del Distrito Escorar de Vacaville (VUSD) ha tomado todas estas consideraciones y ha votado para ajustar las horas de inicio de la escuela para el año escolar 2018-19. En el próximo año, trabajaremos con el personal de VUSD, el autobús de la ciudad (City Coach), el atletismo, la Policía y los Bomberos de Vacaville y otras organizaciones comunitarias en preparación de estos nuevos horarios. Entendemos que este cambio positivo para el aprendizaje de los estudiantes requiere algunos ajustes para nuestras familias y socios comunitarios. Agradecemos su disposición a trabajar con nosotros para adaptar nuestro sistema educativo a las necesidades de los estudiantes.

 Más información sobre los horarios escolares para 2018-19, la investigación, los artículos, la legislación, los consejos de salud y las noticias sobre la hora de inicio de la escuela más tarde se puede encontrar en:


special education night
Join us at Special Education Parent Night Wednesday, September 27th from 6:00-7:30 PM at Orchard Elementary. Meet other families, the special education leadership team and our special needs parent liaison.


This habit encourages us to change from the "Me" to the "We" way of thinking.  In our families and at school it means that you try to have the spirit of win-win in all interactions.  You want what is best for everyone involved.  Sometimes when we are caught up in the emotion and the behavior of the moment it is incredibly hard to slow down and think of a win-win agreement.  Living within habit 4 is looking at the "big picture" and modeling that for our children.  


Attached is the Discipline Handbook for parents to review. If you have any questions please feel free to call the school office at



Per California Ed Code Padan School hosts a Site Council meeting 4 times per year. Site Council is a decision making body for our campus and consists of equal parts  staff and parents. The site council reviews student achievement data and other measures of progress and  evaluates and updates the school plan. Site Council ratifies the school safety plan and makes adjustments to the plan as needed. Padan Site Council was very instrumental in the planning and implementation of the new fence around the kindergarten play yard and the fence bordering Padan School Road. If you can serve as a site council member-Please call Karen in the front office at 453-6235. Meeting are open to any members of the community.



Please join our boosters meeting as we plan the Harvest Festival 2017. We meet in the library October 3 from 3:30-4:30. This is a great way to be involved in your child's school community.


Mrs. C smiling
This Teacher Tuesday we recognize Debbie Cavanaugh who is an outstanding part of our VUSD staff at Eugene Padan Elementary. Debbie is a wonderful special education teacher who has a special way of connecting with her students. She is upbeat and encouraging to her students while she maintains a high standard of academic excellence. The students, parents and staff at Padan appreciate her enthusiasm and passion for learning and growing. She is a great example of leading her life with the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that the Leader In Me school theme at Padan is based upon. Thank you Mrs. Cavanaugh for being a bright light and a powerful and positive Padan Panther.


Spirit wear will be on sale in front of the school office on Wednesday before school and Wednesday after school until 2:00. Panther t-shirts are $11.00 and Panther hoodies are $20.00. Cash and checks are accepted, sorry no credit cards at this time.


Was your student running late this morning and skipped breakfast? Padan offers a second chance breakfast at 10:00 am everyday at Cafe Padan. Breakfast is $1.50. Don't let your student miss the most important meal of the day.


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